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  • Furniture manufacturing and sales
  • Clothing, POD (print-on-demand)
  • Packaging
  • Material production


In the competitive landscape of industries such as furniture manufacturing, clothing, print-on-demand, packaging, and material production, effective Research and Development (R&D) is paramount. R&D not only facilitates product improvement based on market insights but also drives the creation of innovative offerings to meet the ever-evolving demands of consumers.

However, the challenge lies in the substantial costs associated with robust R&D initiatives. Small- to medium-sized businesses often find it difficult to compete with larger counterparts that boast significantly larger R&D budgets. The result is a discrepancy in the ability to research improvements and develop new products, putting smaller entities at a disadvantage.

This is where Michio steps in to level the playing field — and at no cost to you.

Michio’s extensive library serves as a wellspring of inspiration for your creative endeavors. Yet, our assistance extends beyond inspiration.

MICHIO offers a vast library comprising hundreds of thousands of up-to-date models, continuously refreshed monthly. This comprehensive resource is designed to support your digital transformation across various business functions, including R&D, Sales, Marketing, and Manufacturing, should you require our deep involvement.

Once customized to align with your business needs — whether adjusting sizes, styles, or incorporating vibrant 3D logos — these models can be augmented with material images or surface designs to generate an UNLIMITED array of inventory units, each sharing the same foundational design (SKU – stock keeping unit).

Here’s the game-changer: you won’t need to stockpile any physical inventory!

This streamlined operation only requires one staff member familiar with basic Photoshop skills. With this skill set, your team can effortlessly create hundreds of new product designs every day, along with thousands of standard marketing assets. These assets can be promptly utilized by your Sales and Marketing department, presenting UNLIMITED possibilities for product research and development, market exploration, online sales, showroom sales, distributor sales, global sales, and more. The power to compete at any scale is now within your grasp.


Should you come across a design in our library that sparks your interest, reach out to Michio, and we’ll craft a 3D prototype of your concept, complete with your brand. Visualize this prototype on your own platform or popular sites such as eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., allowing you to promptly gauge customer feedback. Utilize our range of FREE services, including product photos, 360-degree product views, room scenes, and more, to test the waters in your target market.

Michio essentially handles the design research, artistic development, prototype manufacturing, and market surveys on your behalf — all at absolutely ZERO cost. You receive the substantial output typically produced by an average R&D department without any financial burden.

It’s crucial to note: the designs in our library are not for sale; they serve solely as inspiration and reference. However, if they ignite a new idea within you, we’re here to assist in bringing that idea to life from the ground up. Michio can help you introduce that concept to your target market, shaping the future of your brand.

With MICHIO, only the SKY IS THE LIMIT for your Design and Marketing.

You can instantly actualize every fleeting idea within 10 minutes.

POD Print-on-demand

  • 100,000+ POD designs
  • 100,000+ art fonts
  • UNLIMITED premium images

Monthly updated – TOTALLY FREE


145,942 ready-to-use designs in 9 product categories.

Welcome to the world’s largest library of interior design models, encompassing every style and design for every type of interior, and continually expanding with regular updates.

Even if you choose not to utilize our services, you can significantly streamline your Product Development Department’s efforts by accessing and downloading the latest designs for FREE. This resource is available for download in its entirety, providing a valuable reference for your team’s product development endeavors. Download the full resource here and unlock a wealth of inspiration for your projects.

  • 20,824 armchairs
  • 6,850 beds
  • 14,743 chairs
  • 1,320 office chairs
  • 17,860 sofas
  • 81,245 tables
  • 100 collage frames here &  here
  • Unlimited solo picture frame for all types of paintings and pictures here.
  • 3000+ spaces, 12+ categories to create the perfect setting for your wall art here.
With MICHIO, only the SKY IS THE LIMIT for your Design and Marketing.

You can instantly actualize every fleeting idea within 10 minutes.


1,973 ready-to-use designs in 19 product categories.

Introducing the world’s largest library of packaging models, offering an extensive collection of sophisticated designs that currently stands unrivaled.

In acknowledgment of the time and effort required for the development of intricate designs, we extend an opportunity for your Product Development Department to benefit, even if you opt not to use our service. Access and download all the latest packaging designs for FREE, providing your team with a comprehensive resource to reference and draw inspiration from. The complete resource is available for download here, empowering your product development efforts with a vast array of cutting-edge designs.

With MICHIO, only the SKY IS THE LIMIT for your Design and Marketing.

You can instantly actualize every fleeting idea within 10 minutes.


MICHIO stands ready to revolutionize your approach to casual wear with the capability to generate UNLIMITED models from just a few images you provide. This service is specifically tailored to enhance your Product Research & Development, Sales, and Marketing initiatives.

Moreover, you have the option to furnish us with detailed drafting drawing specifications, ensuring the utmost accuracy in our designs. With this precision, you can seamlessly export files directly for production without the need for any additional file creation. MICHIO streamlines the entire process, providing you with a powerful toolset for efficient and effective operations in the fashion industry.

Expand your product display possibilities with MICHIO’s capability to craft customized virtual models tailored to your specific preferences. Whether it’s size, race, gender, skin tone, height, or any other physical feature, we can create exclusive models that perfectly align with your brand image.

These virtual models, once brought to life, will showcase your products in a unique and personalized manner. You have the freedom to dictate their poses, ensuring that they present your products in the most appealing way. Our technology allows for the swift generation of photos from multiple angles, providing you with a diverse range of visuals in just a few minutes. This innovative feature empowers you to curate a product display that resonates with your target audience and aligns seamlessly with your brand identity.

With MICHIO, only the SKY IS THE LIMIT for your Design and Marketing.

You can instantly actualize every fleeting idea within 10 minutes.