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We are a diverse team of talents hailing from around the globe – from the United Kingdom, Argentina, China, Vietnam, India, to the Philippines – now united in Vietnam. With unwavering dedication, we have met Michio’s high expectations, shaping Michio Visualization into an accomplished entity, a result that speaks volumes of our collective efforts.


Michio Visualization is your go-to destination for product visualization and e-commerce solutions. Our services empower individuals and companies of all sizes in the apparel, furniture, packaging, and material production sectors. We provide top-notch product images, cutting-edge website features, and efficient data systems at prices significantly lower and delivery times thousands of times faster than conventional methods. Our mission is to make advanced technologies, typically wielded by industry giants, accessible to businesses of all scales.


Michio is at the forefront of transforming your R&D, Sales, and Marketing activities by bringing every detail of your products to vivid, three-dimensional life. With our services, customers can effortlessly rotate, zoom, and interact with products. Michio offers 3D configurators and AR web apps on your website, enabling customers to find inspiration from every angle without the need for additional applications—delivering all this within just 10 minutes.


The COVID pandemic has forever altered the global business landscape. Those with superior e-commerce technologies now hold a significant advantage, making it challenging for smaller businesses to compete with industry giants like Amazon and IKEA. This inequity fuels our commitment to leveling the playing field.

Why should only the giants have access to cutting-edge tech? Why should the big players monopolize the best tools?

Michio Visualization aims to rectify this by ensuring that businesses of all sizes gain access to the same tools wielded by industry giants. We offer a range of services, from crafting 3D models to building online marketplaces, all for FREE. These services, which would typically cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take thousands of man-hours, are made possible through our sophisticated tech and streamlined processes.

We believe it’s time for a business revolution, where individuals and companies like yours can compete on an equal footing. Let’s even the playing field together with Michio! Access these services for FREE and potentially save millions in the process.