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The conventional journey of digital transformation in R&D, Sales, and Marketing activities is marked by prolonged timelines and substantial financial investments, often spanning weeks to months or even years. The intricate process involves assembling a team of highly qualified leaders, allocating large budgets for expert recruitment, and navigating through a series of tasks, all while waiting for the first tangible results. This path can be particularly daunting in the face of potential shortfalls in personnel, insurmountable technical obstacles, or budgetary constraints stemming from extended R&D timelines.

MICHIO disrupts this traditional narrative by condensing the entire spectrum of activities—Designing, Uploading to the web, and presenting the first product to customers—into a mere 10 minutes. The cost is remarkably accessible, translating to only $1 per product, an amount equivalent to a quarter cup of Cappuccino. With this minimal investment, MICHIO delivers an online product sample directly to your customers’ fingertips, complemented by an arsenal of unlimited standard marketing assets, all ready for immediate promotion on the world’s major social platforms.

Yes, it’s true—$1, or the price of a modest cup of coffee, unlocks the door to a rapid and cost-effective digital transformation with MICHIO.

Moreover, MICHIO goes beyond affordability by extending its services completely FREE to businesses facing challenging stages. This commitment showcases MICHIO’s dedication to supporting businesses in overcoming obstacles, ensuring that digital transformation remains within reach for all.


Full Support:

  • We facilitate your trial and manage the entire process for you at absolutely no cost.
  • As you acquaint yourself with Augmented Reality (AR), designing the initial 2D concepts can be challenging. We are here to alleviate that challenge by creating designs for you based on your requirements. This ensures that you can assess the quality of our service and gauge customer and stakeholder reactions to this cutting-edge solution reminiscent of science fiction.

DIY Augmented Reality (AR) Creation:

  • Once you feel confident with Augmented Reality and wish to take a proactive role, you can freely download and utilize all the models available on our platform. We provide detailed design instructions tailored for individuals with basic Photoshop knowledge.
  • Avail yourself of the FREE account we provide to test any model or make modifications—whether it’s adding your name, logo, or other elements. Witness these changes in real-time, right before your eyes, all within a swift 10-minute timeframe.

Examples of DIY Augmented Reality (AR) Implementation:

  • Customize furniture products by replacing elements like wooden legs, iron color, fabric materials, leather, or canvas.
  • Modify designs on printed products such as POD (print on demand) clothing, packaging, or paper bags.
  • Experiment with fabric samples on shirts.
  • Introduce new materials seamlessly into your virtual prototypes.

The FREE TRIAL not only ensures a smooth onboarding experience but also empowers you to explore the capabilities of Augmented Reality firsthand, providing a transformative tool for your design and marketing endeavors.


  1. FREE 10 New Products/Month – Value $120/Year:

    • Available to students, individuals, or businesses involved in furniture, garment, packaging design, or the Print-on-demand (POD) industry.
    • Receive 10 new products every month, utilizing both our available models and incorporating your own 2D designs.
  2. Shared Domain Name:

    • Access a shared domain name to establish an online presence for your projects and creations.
  3. 80% Off for 100 New Models – Valued $20,000 – $50,000:

    • Exclusive offer for startups, providing an 80% discount on acquiring 100 new models. This substantial value, ranging from $20,000 to $50,000, facilitates a diverse and expansive collection for your creative endeavors.
  4. FREE Website and Private Domain Name for 3 Months – Value $1,197:

    • Specifically designed for startups, this complimentary service includes a website and a private domain name, providing you with a digital platform to showcase your products and ideas. The value of this offer is $1,197, offering a significant boost to your online presence during the initial stages.

These FREE SERVICES are tailored to support the growth and innovation of students, individuals, and startup businesses, providing essential resources and tools to enhance their creative projects and digital presence.



  1. Shared Domain:

    • New Products Based on Existing Models: $1.9/product/month.
      • Pay as you go, with a minimum of 10 products/pack.
      • Continuous addition of new FREE models daily based on your requests and the latest trends.
      • Submit your favorite images for us to create 3D models, enhancing the vibrancy of your designs.
  2. Private Domain:

    • Your Own Website and Domain Name: $1,000/month + $0.9/product/month.
      • Includes a link to your distributors or stores.
      • Encompasses all basic functions of an e-commerce website.
      • Offers 1 Virtual Assistant to support your business during local office hours.
        • Services include creating designs based on your materials, uploading designs to generate 3D formats, and editing information in your product AR link (payment gateway, product details, distributor list, etc.).
        • Customization of more intricate web features to ensure the seamless flow of your business operations.
  3. New 3D Model Development:

    • Cost: $200 – $500/model.
    • Tailored service for creating new 3D models, enhancing your product portfolio.

These AR PRODUCT LINK services cater to diverse needs, from shared domains for cost-effective product showcases to private domains with comprehensive e-commerce functionalities. The inclusion of a Virtual Assistant and custom web features ensures a tailored approach to support your business at every stage. Additionally, the option for new 3D model development allows for continuous innovation and expansion of your product offerings.